About Us

We shortened distances for our customers in Bulgaria and in the world without changing the geography of the continents. Transport services and freight forwarding services are strategic means by which we add value to your

Why Evrobul

Because we are professionals in freight forwarding and you can count on us.                                              


EVROBUL is a co-founder and full member of the Bulgarian Association of Freight Forwarders (NSBS) and conducts its business in accordance with the Association’s General Rules for Freight Forwarding and


EVROBUL is your forwarding and logistics partner. To help you, we provide information related to legal and regulatory framework governing the activities of companies and government institutions in the field of freight

EU Regulation 2016/679 - GDPR

Here you can find information about the data protection policy processed in EUROBUL EOOD.                                         


Here you can find the information you need quickly and conveniently. We will inform you about job vacancies, initiatives of Evrobul, new projects and everything new related to the company activities.