Why Evrobul

Because we are professionals in freight forwarding and you can count on us.                                                                                                                                                      

EVROBUL takes care of its customers by offering a full spectrum of logistic services. We'll go with you through every stage to choose the best option:


  • Offering different transportation alternatives to optimize costs and cut down delivery time

  • Providing customers with detailed information on the most efficient route and all the necessary documents

  • Dispatching the required vehicles to the chosen location at the required time

  • Tracking vehicles and providing accurate updates on their current whereabouts

  • Going through customs (if necessary) and directing the vehicle to the place of delivery

  • Sending a timely executed invoice to the customer along with the original bill of lading as evidence of having completed the shipment

  • Ability to provide web-based platform for communication with the customer and tracking of shipments accessible from anywhere in the world.