EVROBUL offers its customers a full spectrum of logistical services including:

International transport in Europe and the Middle East

By providing cargo trucks and trailers from 12 to 120 m3, we guarantee our customers that the vehicle meets the specific parameters and characteristics of the cargo. Our priority is to provide the optimal balance between price and payload. Transport is a strategic mean by which we can add value to your business.

International shipments with refrigerated trucks across Europe

We know that temperature is a critical factor in the transport of certain items and goods. Therefore we offer transportation of temperature-sensitive goods by refrigerated trucks with temperature control from -25°C to 15°C. You do not need to worry about your shipment as we operate only vehicles that have all the necessary certificates that are equipped with devices for continuous monitoring of temperature - thermograph.

Bulk shipments​

We live in a time when small consignments, partial loads and the need of a suitable transportation have significantly increased. Regardless of the volume and size of your shipment we will always offer you a transportation option. We are forwarding small loads and loads of non-standard sizes. We guarantee efficient service with optimal costs to multiple destinations.

Transportation of oversized items

We are at your disposal when you need transportation of oversized and/or overweight cargo. Knowing the requirements for implementation of oversized transport, we will take care of everything and will make an offer that includes all necessary permits and route fees.

Container-based shipping – across the world​

Today the world is smaller and everything is closer than it was ever before. We will prove it you by a container transport of all your shipment to a destination of your choice.

Road-based shipping within Bulgaria

We have developed an excellent network of offices across the country. Our network provides maximum convenience to our customers. We offer transport by cargo trucks on the territory of Bulgaria. You can trust us to transport your shipments.

Warehouse logistics​

Transport often involves the need cargo to be unloaded and stored for a certain period of time. Unloading in a warehouse or long-term storage of items in warehouses in Sofia, Plovdiv, Bulgaria and in the area of Paris, France is among the services we offer to our customers.

Customs-related services

You need a reliable, informed and competent partner in each stage of implementation of the transportation and shipment of cargo. We will be there for you with the necessary information and will direct you to a proven customs agent for customs clearance in Sofia, Plovdiv and Ruse, if necessary.

Consulting services

We know that customer satisfaction is a function of our experience and professionalism. Therefore, if you work on an investment project or just prepare an offer for your client, please do not hesitate and contact us for advice on issues related to transport logistics.