Code of honour

In Evrobul we have set high standards not only for working with clients and partners, but also for our inside-the-company culture. We aim each of our employees to be guided by the following principles:    


  • Honesty 

Honesty is the number one principle  in our Code of  Honour. In Evrobul we are honest towards our clients, business partners, our employees and our country. We believe that the only way to establish serious and firm relationship either with a client or an employee, is the principle of Honesty. 


  • Propriety 

Professionalism at its best and trustworthiness that Evrobul offers are based on the proper business relationship, transperancy when offering services and accountability when accomplishing our duties. 


  • Responsibility

A distinctive feature of Evrobul employees is their utmost attitude towards obligations and clients. In our practice we are convinced that the main prerequisite for providing quality and reliable service is the ultimate sense of responsibility. Each of our clients is to feel the personal responsibility and personal attitude which our employees approach their tasks with . 


At Evrobul, we respect the confidentiality of commercial and accounting information of our customers, partners and competitors, and strongly condemn any breach of their trade secrets.


  • Fair competition

e insist on equal treatment of all participants in economic life. Each of our employees is instructed not to allow any acts of corruption or other illegal actions that would violate the principle of free and fair competition.


  • Legitimacy

One of the main principles we have in Evrobul and we expect our clients and partners also do is to obey the rules and laws in every aspect of our activity.