Our history


“Evrobul“ – there and now or the chronicles of carriers of loads and trust.

Years ago we took the decision to transform the idea of forwarding in Bulgaria and thus the history of Evrobul started. It was the year of 1992. Markets got opened, many companies were looking for international transport services.

It was the exact tine to establish responsible and ethical forwarding, to set the criteria for this business and thus to show the other good side of the business. The change was long-waited and wanted. That’s how Evrobul was born. We believed in Lead-by-example approach and that’s how gradually our belief turned into mission. 



Then, in the early 90’s, we showed for the first time the way how Evrobul made forwarding. It turned out to be as successful as expected. And our business started in a flying start – with plenty of orders to transport huge amounts of cargo from a growing number of customers. We were prepared – with a qualified and experienced team, enthusiasm and desire to work. And with the name “Evrobul” – suitable for the company and for the product we created and developed each and single day. We have implemented personal attitude in the brand.


Since then, Evrobul’s way of forwarding has grown successfully without breaking its principles. We offer services on the international freight market, working in the German way. And what is important and significant for Evrobul: we unwaveringly and uncompromisingly profess and abide by our code of honour. And it says: honesty and fairness to customers, suppliers, our employees and the state. This makes it easier and fairer. And so trust is gained

The years that have passed were difficult in various ways but they were always interesting for “Evrobul”. We had different periods. Up until 2000, we were enjoying sustainable growth with lots of clients. Then difficult times came, at times – even critical. Between the years 2001 and 2010, we were facing difficulties in receiving our payments. Some big clients of ours decided to surprises us with bankruptcies. But, despite of all the financial losses, “Evrobul” kept the ethical code. We repaid all our partners.


 To “Evrobul” all difficulties and/or crisis gave a new start for sustainable development. Every time. During 2011, we started growing a new, huge corporative client, who we won after months of hard work, with numerous offers and meetings. For this client, we developed also new logistic solutions. In “Evrobul” this is the way to attract new customers and in this way – we stay together even till the present day.


            In the meantime, “Evrobul” managed to beat the competition in the face of some of the largest forwarders. During the period after 2016, we entered new markets, and achieved noticeable growth in the “New customers” segment. Then we got certified in ISO 9001:2015, we created and implemented our own Process Management System in our company, which is being actualised constantly, depending on our needs.


The history of “Evrobul” by now is a chronicle of optimal logistics solutions. Out of our partner’s trust we have defended and defended daily. Out of cargo’s we have delivered on time and satisfied customers.

“Evrobul”: We deliver trust, carrying your goods.

“Evrobul“: We deliver trust, carrying your goods.