Cargo insurance

With “Evrobul” You and Your cargoes feel secure. We offer the necessary cargo-insurance for leading German and Austrian Insurers.

Cargo shipping container isolated on white. Delivery.

Cargo Insurance

Why do I need cargo insurance?

The conditions we offer are the best ones at the market. We offer cargo insurance every time, when the value of the load overweighs 8-10 €/kg.


Aside from maximum cover of the value of the weight, the cargo insurance will bring you a relieved procedure when having a claim for faster compensation.


In order to receive an offer, we will need information for the type of the shipment, gross weight, packaging, loading/unloading point, the type of transportation and the invoice value.

Do you need a trustworthy partner for your business?

Evrobul offers his clients a whole range of services, among which road shipment, forwarding and logistics. We have expertise in avio shipment, full and partial loads and oversized transportation.