Consultation when finding logistic decisions

We know well that the satisfaction of our customers is a function of our experience and professional approach.

Delivery logistic and shipping concept


Allow us to help you

Count on “Evrobul” when planning your cargos. Together we find good logistic decisions for Your needs. Ask us when you have doubts (for example) the type of packaging and palletizing, the appropriate transport and/or transportation method, the terms. Ask for calculation of the prices offered.


Here is why if you are working on investment project and you’re just preparing an offer for Your customer, you shouldn’t doubt contacting us for an advice on the questions, connected to transport logistics.

Do you need a trustworthy partner for your business?

Evrobul offers his clients a whole range of services, among which road shipment, forwarding and logistics. We have expertise in avio shipment, full and partial loads and oversized transportation.