Types of pallets

Standards of pallets

The main task of using pallets is to make the process of load handling, strengthening of loads and optimising the area in the transportation vehicle.  

The pallet is a wooden or plastic platform, that is easily used with a pallet jack. Here are the standards: 

EURO Palette.H03.2k e1641829198516

Big Bag Standard Big Bags comprises a broad range of standard products which are not classified as dangerous according to UN regulations and which are not characterized by low minimum ignition energy (which may cause explosion). This category consists mainly of food and farm products, and partly of chemical and extraction products.


produtos big bag

Eurobox – A plastic stackable container with closed grips.  Their smooth interior and without ribbings, as well as their size, facilitate the loading and the management of these boxes. Manufactured in polypropylene, they resists impacts, humidity, oils and a great variety of chemical products.

box palette e1641831512221

The exact information for packaging, dimensions and weight of the pallets, on which the load is, is extremely important when deciding the transport means and the calculation of the price.