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Because we are professionals in forwarding and you can trust us.

We at Evrobul Ltd. takes care of our customers by offering them a full chain of logistics services. We are the people to come across all your needs and tailor-made the best decision for you.

  • – we offer various transport options in order to optimize costs and achieve the shortest possible delivery time
  • – we provide detailed information about the best of routes and all the necessary documents for transportation
  • – we dispose the ordered vehicles at the specified place and time
  • – we track the vehicle and provide accurate information about its location
  • – we offer customs clearance (when necessary) and direct the vehicle to an unloading point
  • – we offer timely preparation and sending of an invoice, accompanied by a bill of lading proving the transport
  • – we are to provide a web-based platform for customer communication and shipment tracking, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Do you need a trustworthy partner for your business?

Evrobul offers his clients a whole range of services, among which road shipment, forwarding and logistics. We have expertise in avio shipment, full and partial loads and oversized transportation.